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Where are you going to eat

 To avoid this problem, be sure to pack your lunch even the night before. If you eat three serving of something that is low fat, you might just be getting the same amount of calories, if not more, than if you were eating a non diet product and low fat products tend to be higher in something else so make sure you read the label on all overly processed foods. Skipping breakfast will leave you without food for way too many hours and will lead to uncontrollable hunger. Where are you going to eat? Yes thats right, and the truth is, if you do it once you will most likely do it again. When we break up our healthy diet with calorie laden snacks every now and then, we undergo what is called the yo yo diet. So what are some of the diet mistakes which we should avoid in order to keep our diet stable?First of all, you should never skip breakfast. Just because its low fat it does not mean that we can eat as much as we want.Another diet mistake to avoid is fast food. Just because it says its good for you doesnt necessarily mean it is. Calories dont exactly work this way, once it is in, it is in and even though you can eventually burn it off you are not really burning off the same thing you put in your mouth. Not only was it convenient but it also gave you a few extra minutes in the morning. These are just a few tips to keep in mind when dieting. Just remember a spray of I cant believe its not butter has 0 calories but the entire bottle contains over 900. Not only does our food selection yo yo between healthy and not healthy, but our weight yo yos as well. During this situation you are more likely to overeat, or even worse, dig into your co workers candy stash.The third diet mistake people make is overindulging on low fat foods.

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